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I Got a Pedego!

Summer is here, the sun is shining, and I am happy to report I am in love! After debating, discussing, researching, and rethinking, my husband and I took the plunge and purchased two new electric bikes from Pedego.

We are not newbies to the world of eBikes. I was an extremely early adopter of the latest fad. I purchased my first used eScooter in 2005. It was bubble gum pink and looked just like a gas scooter. But it was all electric, so no license or insurance required. It was a blast to ride. I bombed around the neighbourhood doubling my then six-year-old daughter to and from school. My older daughters were teenagers then, and I went to great lengths to try and convince them they and their friends should all save up and buy eScooters as they were an excellent and affordable way to travel. But my kids did not like to stand out nor take my advice, so they never jumped on the bandwagon (or scooter). I had the scooter for a couple of years. But the battery died, and my daughter’s friend had crashed it, so it went to the dump.

In 2017, I bought my second eScooter. This one was even bigger than the previous. They were a little more common by then, but I still got a lot of dirty looks in bike lanes. It was a fun ride. But not easy to store, and I found it a little bulky. It also wasn’t meant to take for a typical bike ride, it was more of a road vehicle. Then the provincial government started to talk putting restrictions on eScooters. Although they come with pedals to meet the standard of bicycle, you cannot really pedal them. I got nervous about owning something I could not use. So, I sold it in 2019.

My husband and I used the money from the sale of the eScooter to purchase eBike conversion kits for our bicycles. We had decent bikes that had been collecting dust and cobwebs in our shed for too long. The kits were a good way to make use of the bikes and give eBikes a try too. We fell in love with the easy ride instantly. It was so much fun, and as 50/60-something-year-olds, we really appreciate the help going up hills. Within months of owning our kits, our neighbours had bought eBike kits for their bikes too. The four of us had a blast last summer zipping them up and down the beach in Tofino, BC.

But a cautionary tale, converting a traditional bike into an eBike comes with risks. Not all bikes can necessarily stand the weight and torque of the battery and conversion kit. Both put extra stress on the frame and components. I was climbing onto my bike to go for a ride, and the front wheel fork snapped. Thank goodness it snapped then, and not when I was riding 30km down a trail!

My husband was hesitant to ride his bike after my fork broke. So began our search for real eBikes. We now had enough experience with electronic bikes and scooters that we knew what we wanted in a bike. Some things like a twist throttle, disc brakes, fenders, fat tires, and being made in North America were musts for both of us. My husband wanted a bigger battery and a little more torque… I was fine with a midsize battery. I wanted a beach cruiser because I wanted to the low seat and high handlebars so I can sit up straight and keep my feet on the ground.

Perhaps the most challenging feature to satisfy was my need for style. I simply do not like having what everyone else has. There are dozens and dozens of makes, styles, and models of eBikes now. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours but they all sort of look the same. It was overwhelming to research the options. And it did take us time. In the end we chose our Pedego eBikes for 5 reasons:

1. Made in California, assembled in Canada

2. Local dealer for support who only sells Pedego.

3. 5 year warranty

4. Checked off all requirements on both our lists.

5. They are the coolest looking bikes!!!

And yes, the fifth reason was a driving factor for me. When we went to the Pedego Shop in Delta, BC and met with the owner Murray Pratt, he chuckled at how determined I was to have the Beach Cruiser in Coral with Aqua rims. He did not have one in store for me to test ride, so I tried a slightly different model in a different colour. But as much as I enjoyed the bike and the ride, I wanted the coral and aqua bike. (Yes, my husband thinks I’m crazy, too.)

Murray was awesome to deal with. He took us for a great ride around his neighbourhood, that allowed us to test and try all the features on the bikes. He did not rush or pressure us, but his enthusiasm for the product he sells shines through.

He did not have either of the models we ordered in stock, so we had to wait for delivery. I was thrilled when Murray called exactly when he said he would to say our bikes were ready. He delivered them to us in Coquitlam fully charged and ready to ride.

In keeping with my attention to style, I named our new rides “Fanny” and “Duke.” We have ridden them about 65 km in two weeks and have had a blast every kilometer of the way. We will be heading back to our favourite campground, Surf Grove in Tofino in our campervan “Van Helen” at the beginning of August. Check back in then for my next blog post about Fanny and Duke, which will include details about their features, and a review on what it is like to ride them on different surfaces.

Until then, ride on!

*Please note I received a small incentive for agreeing to blog about our Pedego bikes. However, the opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way by Pedego, its resellers, or representatives.


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