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The seesaw of life

"Do not deny yourself joy, but also do not hide from heartbreak."

I never cease to be amazed by life’s dichotomies. By how we can feel and experience two opposing things at the same time. How joy and heartbreak can occur simultaneously. We feel extreme sorrow when our children leave home, but joy for their independence and what’s ahead. There is a death in the family, and then a new baby is born. We are sad for endings, losses, and failures, but this does not stop us from celebrating beginnings, winnings, and achievements. In truth, we are not able to truly appreciate the joyful things in life if we never experience heartbreak. It is the seesaw of life.

But this seesaw can be exhausting. It saps our energy and leaves our legs weak. Too often we find ourselves sitting on the high side of the board only to drop suddenly and hard to the ground. And when we look up we see the person on the other side laughing, expecting us to laugh along too. But the drop isn’t always fun, and sometimes we just can’t laugh. But either reaction is okay.

So often other people’s expectations rob us of experiencing and feeling things as we need to. But I encourage you to do and feel what you must to get you through these turbulent times. Do not deny yourself joy, but also do not hide from heartbreak. Embrace both in yourself and in others. We all want to be ourselves and to be seen as our true selves.


About this Blog


Welcome to Midlife Madness. This is something I have wanted to do for years; that is, write a blog about what life is REALLY like. I have always been too cowardly to pursue this though. I was so worried that my honesty would hurt the people I love most, I simply did not want to try and pursue it.

But a lot has changed over the past few years, both for me personally as well as around the world in general, so the idea has been festering again.

A few years ago one of my daughters started blogging; she  had never considered herself a writer. I on however, have always  considered myself one, but I didn't start calling myself a professional until after I graduated from a college writing program in 2007. You can do the math there... 14 years since I graduated, and I am only now mustering the courage to do what I have been told to do all along - write about what I know best. My daughter on the other hand just started doing it!

So, I am finally going for it. The plan is to write a raw, honest account of what is like to live the life of a daughter / sister/ wife  / mother / grandmother who is in middle age+. All life's joy and laughter, all its challenges and changes, and all the hopeful dreams and ugly realities. I hope what I share makes you laugh, cry, and rage. And I hope it opens up conversations between family members in a positive way. Finally, I hope it makes me feel I little less crazy while navigating all life's madness!

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